In 1995, Yuransky galvanized a timely new aesthetic balance between the material, technological and virtual world’s that co-exist in today’s digital age…thus Zedism was born.  The artist was gifted in painting and drawing from an early age and decided to pursue art as the main focus of his life’s work at the age of five. Born in Detroit, MI reaching maturity in Sarasota, FL and developing Zedism in La Jolla, CA,  the artist was constantly honing his creative visions from these three important artistic centers.  To gain critical fresh perspective, he first pursued studies in science and engineering. Armed with a degree in Material Science and Engineering (with a focus on ceramics), he engineered computer chips for the technology giant Kyocera and then later achieved success in the business world as the founder of Ego Id Media, a creative marketing, design, printing, and product manufacturing firm. Yuransky opened Zedism Gallery in November 2006 and founded the School of Zedism shortly thereafter to showcase his collection of unique works, educate the public and teach the style to other artists.

         Yuransky’s art form is a glimpse into the “virtual” world of molecular aesthetics, scientific order, technology information systems and human/environment integration. It is his hope that Zedism is a new language helping to support and develop a robust human nervous system for the coming millennium’s challenges.

Exhibition History

2015 – Contact – Rancho Agua Caliente, Baja Mexico
2015 – Genius Loci – Punta Cabras, Baja Mexico
2015 – Electric Poncho – Guadeloupe Canyon, Baja Mexico
2015 – Desert Hearts Spring Festival – Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, CA
2014 – Desert Hearts Fall Festival – Los Coyotes Indian Reservation, CA
2014 – Desert Hearts Spring Festival – Apple Valley, CA
2013 – Encinitas Library – “Living Lowbrow Art Show” Encinitas, CA
2012 – ArtLab – “Art Around Adams- Assembly of Awesomeness” San Diego, CA
2011 – ArtLab – “Emergence” San Diego, CA
2010 – Ego Id Media – “Art Around Adams- Solo Exhibition” San Diego, CA
2009 – Noel Baza Fine Art -“New Contemporaries 2″ San Diego, CA
2009 – Ranroy Printing Company – Solo Exhibition San DIego, CA
2008 – Art Expressions Gallery – “Movers and Shakers” San Diego, CA
2008 – Zedism Gallery – “Zedition 2″ San Diego, CA
2007 – Zedism Gallery – “Zedition 1″ San Diego, CA
2007 – Zedism Gallery – “Resurrection” San Diego, CA
2007 – Zedism Gallery – “Propaganda” San Diego, CA
2006 – Zedism Gallery – “Solo Exhibition” San Diego, CA