This piece was started at the Desert Hearts 2014 Fall Festival On November 30 and displayed for the first time at the 2015 Spring Festival on March 28.  it is 24 feet wide by 4 feet high.  I am still working out a few little bugs but nonetheless, I hope you like it.  Yuransky

“Joy to Ovum a celebratory piece on the fertility and expanding consciousness of the human race. The three pursuing male figures on the left shown in blues are cool, calm, stoic and emerging from the depths of purple interstellar space. They are collectively protecting and delivering forth a shared strand of DNA shown in oranges and earthtones that span across their chests into the center of the piece containing the ovum. The three attractive female figures shown in reds and magentas on the right are warm, nubile, and expressive.  They are grounded in earths bounty and are surrounded with the greens of the planets primary life support system, chlorophyll, representing the suns stored plant energy. The central imagery is composed of the ovum in various states of life’s creative process. From the first penetration of the male sperm through the ovum’s cell wall to the unraveling of the winning sperm into DNA to the explosion of life via genetic replication of atoms, molecules, cells and the resulting waves of energy that are rippled out into the cosmos during the creation of a human soul or consciousness. It is a diffusion between the animal and spiritual worlds, from the wriggling wormlike sperms desperately racing to give up there ghosts to spark the creation of a human being and the complexity of that monumental achievement, to the resulting shock wave thereafter into the deeper mystery of a microcosmic universe created when life begins. Joy to Ovum is an acknowledgement to the powerful instincts of male/female attraction.  It captures the dances and postures we assume in the hopes of attracting a compatible mate to engage a joyful sewing of our genetic seeds and the cosmic dance at the moment of conception when stellar dust becomes aware of itself”

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