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Large Giclee Canvas Print = 31″x 36″
Small Giclee Canvas Print = 20.7″x 24″
Large Giclee Paper Print = 31″x 36″
Small Giclee Paper Print = 21″x 24″
Laser Print = 12″x 14″
Postcard Set (12pcs) = 4.5″x 6″

All prints are signed by the artist.

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Original painting is 62″ x 72″. Oil on Canvas.



The Elder is the second Zedist piece I painted. I had recently gone to an art exhibit in Chicago showing the works of African American artist John Biggers.  His work stopped me in my tracks.  His use of geometry and organic shapes was so stunning that I spent hours studying it.  The face in this painting was in a photo he took of a tribal elder in Ghana.  He looked wise and happy and I liked him immediately.  This piece has perhaps the most accurate lighting, hues, and geometry to create the illusion of an actual 3D morphology.  I often use it in a visual exercise to do what I call “activate your virtual cortex” or as an abstracting mechanism.  This exercise is accomplished by covering one eye with your palm and staring at the point between the elder’s eyes for 15 seconds. This will induce the illusion that the surface morphology comes to life in such a way that the crystal structures will actually change perspective as the viewer changes their head position.

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The Elder

Original Oil painting on canvas = 62"x 72", Large Giclee Canvas Print = 31"x 36", Small Giclee Canvas Print = 20.7"x 24", Large Giclee Paper Print = 31"x 36", Small Giclee Paper Print = 21"x 24", Laser Print = 12"x 14", Postcard Set (12pcs) = 4.5"x 6"

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