Fall Leaf

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Large Giclee Canvas Print = 27″x 36″
Small Giclee Canvas Print = 18″x 24″
Large Giclee Paper Print = 24″x 36″
Small Giclee Paper Print = 18″x 24″
Laser Print = 12″x 16″
Postcard Set (12pcs) = 4.5″x 6″

All prints are signed by the artist.

Free shipping included for continental US.

Original painting is 36″ x 48″. Latex on wood panel.



I’ve always been fascinated with the microscopic intricacies and patterns in plants. So much repetition and order to create the biological system that can support the flow of atoms and molecules across distances. Symmetry and efficiency seem to pervade the laws of organic life.

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The Fall Leaf

Original Acrylic painting on canvas = 36"x 48", Large Giclee Canvas Print = 27"x 36", Small Giclee Canvas Print = 18"x 24", Large Giclee Paper Print = 24"x 36", Small Giclee Paper Print = 18"x 24", Laser Print = 12"x 16", Postcard Set (12pcs) = 4.5"x 6"

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