Canvas Print – Large = 36″ x 24″
Canvas Print – Small = 24″ x 16″
Giclee Print – Large = 36″ x 24″
Giclee Print – Small = 24″ x 16″
Laser Print = 18″ x 12″
Postcards = 4.5″ x 6″

All prints are signed by the artist.

Free shipping included for continental US.

Original painting is 40″ x 30″. Acrylic on Canvas.



Old Glory getting a makeover. Can you count the stars?  This was a tribute to Jasper Johns and another application of putting the new language of Zedism into practice on common iconography. I also hope it is an improved description what the United States represents, namely, an integrated society and inclusive approach to living among our fellow man. I think the piece elegantly illustrates how we are all part of the same ecosystem,  connected to each other, and to the matrix that sustains us.  The lines that separate us are starting to coalesce with our differences becoming more normalized, more homogeneous, more settled.  Tensions and anxieties being crystallized out of our collective consciousness into a clarity of reason and deeper appreciation for the complex diversity of life…an entropic settling and diffusion of cultures into a cohesive working system.  The interconnecting tetrahedron are reminders that we all have similar neighbors with whom we must share the boundaries of differing race, creed, idea, and desire.

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