Red Nude

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Large Giclee Canvas Print = 24″x 36″
Small Giclee Canvas Print = 16″x 24″
Large Giclee Paper Print = 24″x 36″
Small Giclee Paper Print = 16″x 24″
Laser Print = 12″x 18″
Postcard Set (12pcs) = 4.5″x 6″

All prints are signed by the artist.

Free shipping included for continental US.

Original painting is 24″ x 36″. Oil on Canvas.



Again mixing soft forms with hard angles.  I was interested in how the human curves could translate on non-linear geometry.  Another monochromatic study based on a pose by my ex wife.  I put a concentration of energy at the heart center to show her love.

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Red Nude

Original Oil painting on canvas = 24"x 36", Large Giclee Canvas Print = 24"x 36", Small Giclee Canvas Print = 16"x 24", Large Giclee Paper Print = 24"x 36", Small Giclee Paper Print = 16"x 24", Laser Print = 12"x 18", Postcard Set (12pcs) = 4.5"x 6"

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