Well, what can I say, painting for 65 hrs straight at this last Desert Hearts was one of the most inspiring, difficult, rewarding, transcendental, mentally and physically demanding things I have done in my entire life. Meeting so many incredibly positive, supportive creative free spirits was yet another life changing experience as these gatherings have now become and that totally kept me going strong throughout the controlled chaos of our celebration. THANK YOU! To have interacted, exchanged energy, ideas, patience, inspiration, with all of your beautiful, kind calm inquisitive minds, and your lovingly dedicated and directed brush strokes towards my art, project, vision, inspiration, whatever you may call it, was nothing short of a nirvanic trance/dance. Even after losing my voice to the dust and strain and excitement, we still somehow communicated perfectly in visual cues and got this puppies first layer 98% completed. For those who don’t already know, the piece is entitled “Puertecitos” (it’s a quaint little fishing village about an hour south of San Felipe on the Sea of Cortez), and it’s a panoramic landscape of the sun RISING up out of the tranquil turquiose water with the red and brown desert mountains cascading up out of the sea to form the bays and I then added a couple cactus looking tree creatures into the foreground as symbols of life’s resiliance and persistance. So here it is at the final resting point we reached after all the hard work. All 24 feet of it!! It is already an amazing piece and I can’t wait to continue working on the sun and other important details in my studio. I will definitely post more when I get it complete. Special thanks for the Desert Hearts crew for your open arms and encouragement – Lee ReynoldsMikey LionMatt MarabellaChristopher KristoffDavid Pørkchop LeonAndy Crane and to my amazing staff- Laura ActonRaymond E Powell, Sinjin Davis and Justin R Edelman for coming out to film a documentary on my collaborative process. And to all my fellow creative warriors who always got my back

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