Art Exhibition by Zee Yuransky opens September 14th at @ The IN Gallery 1878 Main Street, (Barrio Logan) San Diego, CA 92113

New Paintings and Morphologies – “The Language of Nature on a Cosmic Level.” – Yuransky

This exhibition will showcase over 40 paintings and three-dimensional morphologies.

#Zedism is a novel style of painting and sculpture developed over the last 20 years by artist James Yuran (aka Zee Yuransky). #Zedism is characterized by the three-dimensional projection of a morphological z-axis out of the two-dimensional canvas plane and the organization of imagery within that projection. The artist constructs a new surface upon the traditional two-dimensional plane which gives the appearance of a faceted surface made up primarily of irregular pyramids, tetrahedrons and multi-sided polygons. All of which are then used by the artist to construct the imagery of piece.

Yuransky is a San Diego based artist possessing a degree in Materials Science & Engineering that fostered his insight into the molecular structure of crystals and matter from which #Zedism first arose. He is also the owner of Ego Id Media, a printing and design firm, located in Normal Heights. In addition to pursuing his own art, he has opened and closed two art galleries over a span of a six years, #Zedism Gallery and Artlab Studios, both in Normal Heights.

“Zedism is the psychedelic unconscious… the three dimensional realm of dreams and vision. If Art is a drug ( and it should be – the most positive kind), Zedism is the substance of choice to open your doors of perception.” says Miti Aiello, professor of Art/Architectural Hirstory, New School of Architecture & Design.

“The IN Gallery is thrilled to host this unique solo show of modern art of Zee Yuransky. The recreation of the larger scale paintings with the unusual geometric 3D pieces represent Zee’s unique visual language he has defined through his mediums, techniques and life experiences…turning it into a new visual language he calls #Zedism. Seeing them in person provides a serious ‘wow’ effect for me” says Irina Negulescu who is the gallery owner and also a painter herself.

Asked about the exhibition, Yuransky said, “It will be liberating to show how the paintings translate into real 3D sculptures. By increasing the surface area of the paintings thru the Zedist effect, I am able to pack more visual information and stimulation into the paintings and morphologies which hopefully gives the viewer a lot to ponder and enjoy”

Irina Negulescu – Gallery Owner (619) 278-8410,
Zee Yuransky – Artist (619) 867-4519,


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