Very honored to have been invited to install my work at the Chula Vista Courthouse this past week. My Flag (40×30) is the first thing you see upon entry and directly to your left is my Monk (40×59) and Elephant (46×37). Its a Zedist/Yuransky welcome to the San Diego Justice system!! Six pieces in all (signed giclee fine art prints on stretched canvas) and they want me to bring in one of the big murals I have done at Desert Hearts for a huge wall they have open. I’ll see how these go as 3000+ folks per day walk thru those gates (lawyers, judges, police, along with a whole smorgasbord of humanity) trying to navigate there way back towards happiness or pursue the American dream. I found it ironic that right next to the Monk/Elephant is a sign that reads Mediation Room…I’d like to think maybe I can influence it towards meditation just a tad. The courthouse can be a very stressful place for some, so I am completely honored to have my work bringing some relief, beauty and wonder to the many passing souls. Who knows, maybe someone will actually decide to pursue a more peaceful and just existence after a dose of my work…one can dream can’t they. Many thanks to Daniel Jaimes for putting this together. If anyone is interested, the canvases are selling for $500 ea. – Yuransky


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