The Origin of Zedism

The Elephant was the first true Zedist piece I created and deserves special mention. I got the idea of combining textured surfaces with other realistic images by looking at a dry lake bed in the Southern California desert. All of the mud was curling up and separated into organized shapes and patterns, giving the surface a broken, three-dimensional texture. I painted/sculpted a series of women's faces using pieces of cut up sheet metal on canvas. The pieces were bent into curled chips, like sun baked mud or dried flower petals. These pieces were arranged on top of a similar parent image below and worked nicely to provide more surface area for the eye to explore upon the sculpted form on top of the canvas plane.

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A Rose is Still a Rose in Crystalline Form

rose-crystals-growing-by-zedism rose-crystals-growing-by-zedism

Put a crystal on your wall

Zedism is inspired by what nature already does best. Stellar energy often makes pretty patterns out of the materials it has at hand. Molecules frozen into periodic shapes and patterns reveal hidden vibrating waves. Preserved like ancient memories of the big bang, subtle clues are provided to the underpinnings of mass and matter interacting with Source Energy. Via jux position of artistic metaphor and imagery upon Yuransky's crafted crystalline surfaces, Zedism instills an immediate and profound connection to nature and ones Divine Self by reflecting back an inkling of your own primordial creation. The awakening of this a priori knowledge leads to improved social and environmental responsibilities among its share holders. Patrons on the Zedi path can tickle and nurture their Instinctual Spirts and connect back to Cosmic Consciousness via this elegant new visual language and art form.

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