Dream Bigger - United We Stand - Together We Soar

This is not a Flag

Old Glory Gets An Upgrade
Answer the call to improve what America still represents, namely, an integrated society and inclusive approach to living amongst our fellow man. This Zedist rendition elegantly illustrates how we are all part of the same ecosystem, connected to each other and to the society and earth that sustains us. The lines separating us from each other and nature become less dramatic, differences coalesce and become normalized, more settled and integrated. An entropic diffusion of cultures into one cohesive thriving system. Tensions and anxieties have slowly been crystallized out of our collective consciousness into a clarity of reason and a deeper appreciation for the complex diversity of life. Interconnecting tetrahedra remind us that we all have neighbors with whom we must share the boundaries of race, creed, idea, shape, and desire.

Let's build the dream together