Canvas Print – Large = 30″ x 36″
Canvas Print – Small = 20″ x 24″
Giclee Print – Large = 30″ x 36″
Giclee Print – Small = 20″ x 24″
Laser Print = 12″ x 14.5″
Postcards = 4.5″ x 6″

All prints are signed by the artist.

Free shipping included for continental US.

Original painting 60″ x 72″. Acrylic on Canvas.



Michelangelo’s David has always struck awe and wonder within me. The proportions and size. The hardness, weight, and fragility of the materials. The austere white colors. The stillness and power of the pose. I wanted to caress this beautiful creation inside my own protective web of spiraling geometry as if I was holding him in my own hand. I’ve attempted to elevate man even higher by removing his genital anatomy, thereby sanitizing our primal connection to the corporeal flesh. However, I have replaced the real anatomy with a virtual grandiose phallic symbol that he is directing with his lower right hand as it rests comfortably on a large fulcrum in tribute to Archimedes. Mankind’s fascination with the penis as a source of power and weaponry has occupied minds for ages. What I am trying to show is that we can adjust the angle of procreation and reason by harnessing this primal energy into our service. The real weapon still rests on David’s shoulder. I have replaced the sling with a crystal structure signifying the knowledge of atomic energy.

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