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Zedist Chicken | Open Edition Print

Inspired by the moon’s magic, the Chicken lays the first egg and becomes the stuff of legends.
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Zedist Chicken | Open Edition Print Fine Art Print Zedism by Yuransky Smooth Fine Art Paper 8x10 None
Zedist Chicken | Open Edition Print
Smooth Fine Art Paper
This is not just any chicken, its a festival chicken. What is she doing out at night? Why is she so awake? Because she is a rebel, that’s why! Unsatisfied with the status quo, she goes out at night to explore the world and think about things. Are there any other chickens out here to play with? What’s that big bright white thing hanging up in the sky? She looks up at the moon, she studies it intensely. It pleases her to watch it come and go. To grow from a sliver into a circle and back again. Glowing white and smooth and round. She loves the moon so much that she never stops thinking about it. It occupies her very essence down to her cells. She really wants one! She has a great idea; she will make one herself. She keeps studying and dreaming of this beautiful thing in the sky until one day she feels strange, a little bloated perhaps, and she lays the first egg ever created. By doing so, she also becomes the stuff of legends for millennia to come.
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Zedist Chicken | Open Edition Print Fine Art Print Zedism by Yuransky Smooth Fine Art Paper 8x10 None