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Zedist Nude In The Jungle | Original

The Nude in the Jungle stands at ease in green and red oils. Painted in La Jolla, Birdrock in 1999 - Oil on Canvas - 40"x 60".
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Zedist Nude In The Jungle | Original Original Zedism by Yuransky
Zedist Nude In The Jungle | Original
I tried to capture the innocence and fragility of the feminine mystique. A fair ginger maiden with closed eyes and a slight smile is standing full-frontal nude and emerging from a dense thicket of jungle foliage. What is this delicate creature doing exposed in such a vulnerable and unlikely place? Why does she seem so content and unconcerned? The reason lies behind the fact that she is being embraced and protected by two very large and dark masculine hands coming into the picture from the front. They are gently cupping her breasts. In this piece I wanted to mix races between black and white and say it is OK to cross over racial lines and embrace and protect each other regardless of color. This was the first piece I used all curves to construct the geometry in the form of sine waves and curved tetrahedrons. By replacing one nipple with a geometric facet, I was able to illustrate the interplay between the morphology and the central image. It provides a back and forth between the geometry’s purely utilitarian purpose of constructing a credible three-dimensional crystalline surface and the ornamental purpose of creating interesting objects within the painting’s subject matter.
We are absolutely thrilled to release Zedist originals for sale into the general marketplace. The original materials and media are specified above. All originals have been cared for and stored by the artist in a controlled environment in order to keep them pristine, sometimes over many years. Due to normal aging, some minor paint cracking, blemishes, or materials degradation may have occurred. It is our professional opinion that any of these very minor defects do not detract from the original works’ craftsmanship, quality, or colors, and in fact simply elevate their personalities. Due to extensive packaging for shipment, comprehensive insurance, and the living nature of original works, all sales on originals are final and cannot be refunded or returned. Please contact us with any questions about purchasing a Zedist master work!
Originals are securely packaged for shipment in double-walled boxes or custom-built crates after being carefully wrapped in protective non-stick paper, foam, or bubble wrap. They are shipped by a professional artwork transport company and insured for the full value of the work. Due to the delicate organic nature of an original work and the care required to pack and transport them, all sales on originals are final. Please contact us with any questions about purchasing a Zedist master work!
Zedist Nude In The Jungle | Original Original Zedism by Yuransky