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Zedist Yoni | Open Edition Print

The Yoni is glorified in soft jewel tones, the epitome of beauty and power.
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Zedist Yoni | Open Edition Print Fine Art Print Zedism by Yuransky Smooth Fine Art Paper 8x12 None
Zedist Yoni | Open Edition Print
The center of man’s universe.  Filled with a gravity field constantly pulling us in after first pushing us out. A opening to another dimension.  The placid uterus capable of creating and cradling a living fetus lives just behind these warm, soft curtains of female flesh. Why are two beings of the same species be built so differently? How can males believe they are the dominant gender when all of our energy is spent trying to attract and please the caretaker of one of these?  The relentless pull of procreation and all of the pleasant tricks it plays upon the senses trying to convince us to just keep going.  This divine portal is the gatekeeper to our future through which we can penetrate.  Our electrical currents completing the circuit that sparks life into action. All our efforts directed towards this one pleasurable act.  May we learn to deeply respect feminine power and earn the privilige of its nurturing companionship.  She is the genetic selector and protector.  Keep her happy.  Make her feel beautiful and safe.  Endow her with the highest honors we can bestow.  For she is the undisputed champion of life, love, and joy!
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Zedist Yoni | Open Edition Print Fine Art Print Zedism by Yuransky Smooth Fine Art Paper 8x12 None